What is a ‘Fatberg’ you ask?

This is me being nice- Scroll down for disgusting images

This is me being nice- Scroll down for disgusting images

There is a disgusting truth lurking beneath our feet, the sewers that we rely on for sanitation are being clogged with fat. Now having worked in a kitchen, I know how much fat and oil you have to go through to produce a whole range of chips, fried chicken and kebabs. I also know that this is not supposed to go down the drain, but in many parts of London it makes its way into the sewers. These form into what people have started referring to as ‘Fatbergs’ – like an iceberg, but fat… This is possibly one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard.

Whether this is due to commercial businesses or just do to the gross amount of people cleaning frying pans with fat still in. Anyway, this gets into the sewers and much like cholesterol it hardens and clogs up these vital subterranean systems.

Teams have to be sent down into the darkness with pickaxes and power hoses to clean off chunks of fat from the walls to keep the system flowing.

Someone came up with a good use for this fat, however, next to the Thames Water plant in Beckton, they will build the world’s largest fat burning power plant, 50 per cent of the fuel for which will be supplied by sewer cleaning teams. It will apparently not produce any nasty smells or chemicals. I approve of projects like this, clean up after ourselves and do something useful as well.

More info:

Thames Water


Londonist -People have known about them for a while, but if you are only hearing about them now, then I am doing a public service!

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